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díaz, n.b

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 Article: On the biological cycle of the gall wasp Plagiotrochus suberi Weld 1926 (Hymenoptera: Cynipoidea: Cynipidae) in the circum-Mediterranean region
J. Pujade-Villar, L. Garbin, J. Paretas-Martínez, N.B. Díaz, in: Contributions to Zoology, Vol. 77 (2008), p. 249-
 Article: Taxonomic congruence between external morphology and male and female genitalia characters of members of Rasahus Amyot & Serville (Heteroptera: Reduviidae: Peiratinae)
M.C. Coscarón, N.B. Díaz, G.D.E. Povel, in: Zoologische Mededelingen, Vol. 68 (1994), p. 97-108