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 Article: Antispila oinophylla new species (Lepidoptera, Heliozelidae), a new North American grapevine leafminer invading Italian vineyards: taxonomy, DNA barcodes and life cycle
E. van Nieukerken, D. Wagner, M. Baldessari, L. Mazzon, G. Angeli, V. Girolami, C. Duso, C. Doorenweerd, in: Zookeys, Vol. 170 (2012), p. 29-77
 Article: Antispila sp. minatore fogliare segnalato in Italia su vite = Antispila sp. a new leafminer of grapes in Italy
M. Baldessari, G. Angeli, V. Girolami, L. Mazzon, E.J. van Nieukerken, C. Duso, in: L'Informatore Agrario, Vol. 15 (2009), p. 69-72