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wagner, r. h

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 Article: Conodont faunas across the mid-Carboniferous boundary from the Barcaliente Formation at La Lastra (Palentian Zone, Cantabrian Mountains, northwest Spain); geological setting, sedimentological characters and faunal descriptions
T.I. Nemyrovska, R.H. Wagner, C.F. Winkler Prins, I. Montañez, in: Scripta Geologica, Vol. 143 (2011), p. 127-183
 Article: A redescription of the Stephanian species Callipteridium virginianum (Fontaine & White, 1880) comb. nov. and Alethopteris leonensis Wagner, 1964
R.H. Wagner, C. Álvarez-Vázquez, in: Scripta Geologica. Special Issue, Vol. 7 (2010), p. 92-139
 Article: Qasimia gen. nov., an early Marattia-like fern from the Permian of Saudi Arabia
C.R. Hill, R.H. Wagner, A. A. El-Khayal, in: Scripta Geologica, Vol. 79 (1985), p. 1-50
 Article: Gemellitheca gen. nov., a fertile pecopterid fern from the Upper Permian of the Middle East
R.H. Wagner, C.R. Hill, A. A. El-Khayal, in: Scripta Geologica, Vol. 79 (1985), p. 51-74
 Article: Three dwarf lycophytes from the Carboniferous of Argentina*)
S. Archangelsky, C.L. Azcuy, R. H. Wagner, in: Scripta Geologica, Vol. 64 (1981), p. 1-35