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 Article: Atlantic Leptolida (Hydrozoa, Cnidaria) of the families Aglaopheniidae, Halopterididae, Kirchenpaueriidae and Plumulariidae collected during the CANCAP and Mauritania-II expeditions of the National Museum of Natural History, Leiden, the Netherlands
J. Ansín Agís, W. Vervoort, F. Ramil, in: Zoologische Verhandelingen, Vol. 333 (2001), p. 1-268
 Article: Phylogenetic analysis of the Antarctic genus Oswaldella Stechow, 1919 (Hydrozoa, Leptomedusae, Kirchenpaueriidae)
Alvaro L. Peña Cantero, Antonio C. Marques, in: Contributions to Zoology, Vol. 68 (1999), p. 83-93
 Article: Oswaldella vervoorti spec. nov. (Cnidaria: Hydrozoa), a new benthic hydroid from the South Shetland Islands, Antarctica
A.L. Peña Cantero, A.M. Garcia Carrascosa, in: Zoologische Verhandelingen, Vol. 323 (1998), p. 175-180