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 Article: A new species of the genus Homolobus Foerster from Ecuador (Hymenoptera: Braconidae: Homolobinae)
C. van Achterberg, S.R. Shaw, in: Zoologische Mededelingen, Vol. 83 (2009), p. 805-810
 Article: Pseudorhysipolis gen. nov. (Hymenoptera: Braconidae: Rhysipolinae), with nine new species from Brazil, Suriname and Panama
D. Scatolini, A.M. Penteado-Dias, C. van Achterberg, in: Zoologische Mededelingen, Vol. 76, 1-16 (2002), p. 109-131
 Article: Revision of Hydroides Gunnerus, 1768 (Polychaeta: Serpulidae) from the Western Atlantic region
J. Rolando Bastida-Zavala, Harry A. ten Hove, in: Beaufortia, Vol. 52 (2002), p. 103-178
 Article: Morphological comparison of Mesocyclops araucanus Campos et al., 1974, and M. longisetus ThiĆ©baud, 1912, and first description of their males
Alberto Pilati, Silvina Menu-Marque, in: Beaufortia, Vol. 52 (2002), p. 45-52
 Article: On relict hydrobiid species in Brazilian Amazonia (Gastropoda, Prosobranchia, Hydrobiidae)
F.P. Wesselingh, in: Basteria, Vol. 64 (2000), p. 129-136
 Article: The fry patterns in the South-American catfish genus Corydoras (Pisces, Siluriformes, Callichthyidae)
Ian Fuller, in: Bulletin Zoologisch Museum, Vol. 17 (1999), p. 33-40
 Article: Synopsis of the Neotropical genus Rhodopygia Kirby, 1889 (Odonata: Libellulidae)
J. Belle, in: Zoologische Mededelingen, Vol. 72, 1-10 (1998), p. 1-13
 Article: Sphaeromatidae (Crustacea, Isopoda) of the Beagle Channel and description of Cymodopsis beageli n. sp
Angelina Brandt, in: Beaufortia, Vol. 48 (1998), p. 137-161
 Article: Higher classification of the South-American Gomphidae (Odonata)
J. Belle, in: Zoologische Mededelingen, Vol. 70 (1996), p. 297-324
10   Article: On the female sex of some elusive South-American Gomphidae with the descriptions of three new genera and four new species (Odonata)
J. Belle, in: Zoologische Mededelingen, Vol. 69 (1995), p. 19-36