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 Article: A systematic monograph of the Recent Pentastomida, with a compilation of their hosts
M.L. Christoffersen, J.E. De Assis, in: Zoologische Mededelingen, Vol. 87 (2013), p. 1-206
 Article: Moss animals of the Dutch part of the North Sea and coastal waters of the Netherlands (Bryozoa)
M.A. Faasse, G.W.N.M. van Moorsel, D. Tempelman, in: Nederlandse Faunistische Mededelingen Leiden, Vol. 41 (2013), p. 1-14
 Article: Carideorum catalogus: the recent species of the dendrobranchiate, stenopodidean, procarididean and caridean shrimps (Crustacea: Decapoda)
S. De Grave, C.H.J.M. Fransen, in: Zoologische Mededelingen, Vol. 85 (2011), p. 195-589
 Article: The Convolvulaceae of Timor with special reference to East Timor
A.R. Simões, H. Silva, P. Silveira, in: Blumea - Biodiversity, Evolution and Biogeography of Plants, Vol. 56 (2011), p. 49-72
 Article: The genera Cosmopterix Hübner and Pebobs Hodges in the New World with special attention to the Neotropical fauna (Lepidoptera: Cosmopterigidae)
J.C. Koster, in: Zoologische Mededelingen, Vol. 84 (2010), p. 251-575
 Article: A new species of the Paragus serratus-group from Yemen (Diptera: Syrphidae)
J.T. Smit, C. Gutiérrez-Chacón, in: Zoologische Mededelingen, Vol. 82 (2008), p. 211-216
 Article: Tetractinellid and hadromerid sponges of the Sultanate of Oman
R.W.M. van Soest, E.J. Beglinger, in: Zoologische Mededelingen, Vol. 82 (2008), p. 749-790
 Article: Checklist of the living monitor lizards of the world (family Varanidae)
W. Böhme, in: Zoologische Verhandelingen, Vol. 341 (2003), p. 4-43
 Article: Shallow water sponges of Jamaica
Helmut Lehnert, Rob W.M. van Soest, in: Beaufortia, Vol. 48 (1998), p. 71-103
10   Article: Reared Opiinae (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) from Argentina
C. van Achterberg, A. Salvo, in: Zoologische Mededelingen, Vol. 71 (1997), p. 189-214