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 Article: Species limits in Diaporthe: molecular re-assessment of D. citri, D. cytosporella, D. foeniculina and D. rudis
D. Udayanga, L.A. Castlebury, A.Y. Rossman, K.D. Hyde, in: Persoonia - Molecular Phylogeny and Evolution of Fungi, Vol. 32 (2014), p. 83-101
 Article: Index op de jaarlijsten Microlepidoptera 1982-2000
J.C. Koster, E.J. van Nieukerken, in: Franje, Vol. 6 (12) (2003), p. 23-46
 Chapter: Change index: a measure of change in range size that is independent of changes in survey effort
M. Telfer, in: Changes in ranges: invertebrates on the move. Proceedings of the 13th International Colloquium of the European Invertebrate Survey, Leiden, 2-5 September 2001 (2003), p. 107-110
 Article: An annotated index to names of Odonata used in publications by M. A. Lieftinck
J. van Tol, in: Zoologische Verhandelingen, Vol. 279 (1992), p. 1-263