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Nieukerken, E.J. van

AuthorsK.J. Huisman, J.C. Koster, E.J. van Nieukerken, S.A. Ulenberg
TitleNieuwe en interessante Microlepidoptera uit Nederland in het jaar 1999 (Lepidoptera)
JournalEntomologische Berichten
Volume61, 12
KeywordsMicrolepidoptera; Lepidoptera; Netherlands
AbstractThis is the twelfth compilation of interesting Microlepidoptera collected in The Netherlands, covering the year 1999. Cochylidia richteriana (Tortricidae) is recorded for the first time from The Netherlands: two females were swept from vegetation in the extreme south of the country. In 1999 Cameraria ohridella (Gracillariidae) appeared to be established in The Netherlands, we refer to its discovery. The following rare or interresting species are mentioned here: Ectoedemia quinquella (Nepticulidae), the second Dutch locality: the very rare Depressaria pulcherrimella (Depressariidae) was found in the province Zuid-Holland; a third locality of both Aristotelia subdecurtella and Monochroa arundinetella (Gelechiidae) for The Netherlands in the province of Overijssel: the occurrence of Mirificarma eburnella (Gelechiidae) in The Netherlands is confirmed: two specimens in a Malaise trap in the province Limburg; earlier records are discussed: they are either wrong or uncertain. An explanation of the nomenclature of Nemophora violellus (Stainton) (Adelidae) is given, the diagnostic differences in the first tergites of Helcystogramma lutatella and H. rufescens (Gelechiidae) are discussed and Lithospermum officinale is recorded as new hostplant for Dialectica imperial ella (Gracillariidae).
Document typearticle
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