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Nieukerken, E.J. van

AuthorsE.J. van Nieukerken, Y. Liu
TitleNepticulidae (Lepidoptera) in China, 1. Introduction and Stigmella Schrank feeding on Fagaceae
JournalTijdschrift voor Entomologie
KeywordsNepticulidae; Stigmella; Fagaceae; Quercus; Cyclobalanopsis; Castanopsis; Lithocarpus; Yunnan; Heilongjiang; East-Palaearctic; hostplant relationships; leafminers
AbstractThe Stigmella species feeding on Fagaceae collected in China in 1984 are described and all known East Asian species are reviewed. In total 13 species are recognized: 12 are tentatively grouped in the ruficapitella-group and one in the caesurifasciella-group. The ruficapitella-group includes here also the castanopsiella-group and the suberivora-group. Stigmella kao, S. circumargentea, S. vandrieli and S. lithocarpella are described as new species from Yunnan and S. fumida Kemperman & Wilkinson is also reported from Yunnan. From Heilongjiang four species are reported: S. omelkoi Puplesis, S. fervida Puplesis (on basis of mines only), S. dentatae Puplesis and S. aladina Puplesis. Three new synonyms are proposed: S. quercifaga Kemperman & Wilkinson with S. aladina Puplesis, S. kurii Kemperman & Wilkinson with S. chrysopterella Kemperman & Wilkinson and S. egregilustrata Kemperman & Wilkinson with S. caesurifasciella Kemperman & Wilkinson. S. chrysopterella is tentatively regarded as the female of S. fumida. The collecting localities in China are briefly described and illustrated.
Document typearticle
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