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Velde, G. van der

AuthorG. van der Velde
TitleNew records of Marine Turbellaria from Norway
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
During an excursion to Norway organized by the Department of Systematic Zoology of the Rijksuniversiteit of Leiden in August 1973, I had the opportunity to make some observations on Turbellarians of salt-marshes and rocky shores of the Trondheimsfjord (63o 37' N 9° 43' Ε) and the Stjörnfjord (63o 47' Ν 10° 7' Ε), a fjord connected with the Trondheimsfjord.

The greater triclad flatworms were mainly collected by turning stones on the salt-marshes and rocky shores. On the salt-marshes soil samples were taken. Each sample covered an area of 25 cm2 and was 3 cm thick. For obtaining the animals the soil samples were put in a jar filled with sea water.
Lack of oxygen, due to decay of the vegetable matter, and the light of a lamp make the animals creep or swim to the water surface. They can then be captured by means of a pipette.

Neorhabdocoela Placorhynchus octaculeatus octaculeatus Karling, 1931 In a salt-marsh near Selva on the Trondheimsfjord one specimen was found together with Uteriporus vulgaris, Proxenetes deltoides and P. unidentatus in a Juncetum gerardii vegetation (sensu Beeftink, 1965), with the phanerogams Juncus gerardii, Glaux maritima, Triglochin maritima and Scirpus rufus. The algal mat covered 100% and consisted mainly of Vaucheria coronata, Vaucheria intermedia, and many blue-green and green algae.
The species has a wide distribution along the European coasts (Karling,
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