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AuthorsHerre Stegenga, Ivo Mol, Willem F. Prud’homme van Reine, Gijsbert M. Lokhorst
TitleChecklist of the marine algae of the Netherlands
JournalGorteria. Supplement
AbstractA list of the multicellular marine algae found along the coast of the Netherlands is given, the first complete update on the “Flora van de Nederlandse Zeewieren” (Stegenga & Mol 1983). The number of recognized species has increased from 267 to 327. Of these, 229 are autochthonous, the remainder is only known from drift material [Chlorophyta: 76 autochthonous + 1 drift; Phaeophyta: 73 + 22; Rhodophyta: 80 + 75].
Additions to the flora appear to originate from neighbouring countries as well as from the North Pacific.
One new combination is made: Cotaconema dasyae (Collins) Stegenga, Mol, Prud’homme et Lokhorst, now comb. [Basionym: Acrochaetium dasyae Collins, Rhodora 8: 191 (1906)].
Document typearticle
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