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Query: journal: "Mededeelingen van s Rijks Herbarium, Leiden"

AuthorJ.Th. Henrard
TitleA critical revision of the Genus Aristida being a preliminary study and an introduction to the monograph
JournalMededeelingen van 's Rijks Herbarium, Leiden
AbstractDiffert a typo praesertim columna valde abbreviata, tantum 8 mm. longa, bene torta, aristis brevioribus, circa 25 mm. longis; glumae inaequilongae, inferior 8—10 mm. longa, acuta, superior 13—14 mm. longa, subobtusa, gluma fertilis laevissima, callo acuto 1½ mm. longo, ad 5. mm. longa.
Central South Australia: without precise locality, collected bij H. J. HILLIER, no. 46. Type in the Kew Herbarium, presented in 1906.
Document typearticle
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