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AuthorsJ. Leloux, W. Renema
TitleTypes and originals of fossil Porifera and Cnidaria of Indonesia in Naturalis
JournalNNM Technical Bulletin
Pages1-305, 104 pls.
KeywordsGerth; Martin; Umbgrove; Foraminifera; Hydrozoa; Scleractinia; Rugosa; Tabulata; Octocorallia; Bivalvia; Ammonoidea; Echinodermata; Rhodophyta; Tertiary; Permian
AbstractThe collection of Naturalis contains a significant collection of fossil corals and sponges. Within the framework of the 'NWO Groot' digitalisation projects the typespecimens, mainly from Indonesia, of Gerth, Umbgrove and related researchers were catalogued. 3920 lots containing 3479 typespecimens related to 676 taxa are concerned.
Document typearticle
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