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AuthorN. Nieser
TitleThe water bugs (Heteroptera: Nepomorpha) of the Guyana Region
JournalStudies on the Fauna of Suriname and other Guyanas
The Nepomorpha of the Guyana Region are keyed out and described. In addition distributional, faunistical and comparative notes on the species are given.
New species and subspecies: Ochterus aeneifrons surinamensis, O. tenebrosus; Limnocoris fittkaui surinamensis; Ranatra adelomorpha; Neoplea globoidea; Buenoa amnigenopsis; Tenagobia pseudoromani from Suriname and Ranatra ornitheia from Guyana.
New synonyms (junior ones between parenthesis): Gelaslocorus flavus flavus Guér. (G. nebulosus nebulosus Guér.); Pelocoris impicticollis Stål (P. horváthi Mont.), P. poeyi (Guér.) not identical with P. femoratus (P.-B.) (P. convexus Nieser), P. procurrens White (P. minutus Mont.); Belostoma bicavum Lauck ( B. parvoculum Lauck); Ranatra doesburgi De Carlo (R. usingeri De C.), R. macrophthalma H.-S. (R. surinamensis De C.), R. mediana Mont. (R. williamsi Kuitert), R. obscura Mont. (R. annulipes White 1879 not Stål), R. sarmentoi De C. (R. ameghinoi De C.); Buenoa amnigenopsis n. sp. ( B. amnigenus Nieser 1968, 1970 not White), B. amnigenus (White) (B. amnigenoidea Nieser 1970), B. nitida Truxal (B. doesburgi Nieser); Heterocorixa surinamensis Nieser ( H. boliviensis Nieser 1970 not Hungerford); Tenagobia incerta Lundbl. ( T. signata and T. serrata in part, Nieser 1970 not White and Deay respectively), T. socialis (White) (T. serrata in part, Nieser 1970 not Deay).
Document typearticle
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