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AuthorJan H. Stock
TitleTwo new Copepods parasitic on Caribbean Polychaetes
JournalStudies on the Natural History of the Caribbean Region
KeywordsPolychaeta; Zygomolgides n. gen.; Caribbean.; parasitic Copepoda; enigmaticum; Lobosomatium n. gen.; coronicolus
AbstractStock, Jan H., 1995. Two new Copepods parasitic on Caribbean Polychaetes. Studies Nat. Hist. Caribbean Region 72, Amsterdam, 1995: 1-11. Two new species of Copepoda, each belonging to a new genus, are described from shallow waters in the Caribbean. One, Zygomolgides coronicolus n. gen., n. sp., is a member of the family Lichomolgidae, parasitic on the branchial crown of the serpulid polychaete Hydroides cf. brachyacanthus from St. Thomas (U.S. Virgin Islands). The other, Lobosomatium enigmaticum n. gen., n. sp., is a minute, curiously transformed copepod, of which all appendages (as far as present) are strongly reduced, found ectoparasitic on the body of a syllid polychaete, Brania glandulosa, from CuraƧao (Netherlands Antilles). Due to the strong morphological modifications, it cannot properly be assigned to any particular family.
Document typearticle
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