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AuthorsC. van Achterberg, D.L.J. Quicke, C.A. Boring
TitleA revision of the tribe Planitorini van Achterberg (Hymenoptera, Braconidae, Euphorinae), with description of a new genus from Australia
KeywordsBraconidae; Euphorinae; Planitorini; Mannokeraiini; Paramannokeraia; Mannokeraia; Planitorus; key; new genus; new species; distribution; Australia
AbstractThe tribe Planitorini van Achterberg (Hymenoptera: Braconidae: Euphorinae) is revised. One new genus Paramannokeraia gen. n. (type species: P. gibsoni sp. n.) and five new species from Australia are described and illustrated: Mannokeraia albipalpis van Achterberg, sp. n., M. nigrita van Achterberg, sp. n., M. punctata van Achterberg, sp. n., Paramannokeraia gibsoni van Achterberg & Quicke, sp. n. and P. juliae van Achterberg, sp. n. The tribe Mannokeraiini van Achterberg, 1995, is synonymized with the tribe Planitorini (syn. n.).
Document typearticle
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