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AuthorStefan Könemann
TitleBiological Studies on groundwater Crustaceans in Southwest Anatolia, Turkey
JournalVerslagen en Technische Gegevens
AbstractIn 1987 a major biospeleogical expedition, ‘Speleo Nederland’, was carried out along the coastal Taurus mountains in southwest Anatolia (Turkey). ‘Speleo Nederland’ was focused on collecting the fauna of caves, wells, subterranean waterflows, and the interstices of marine gravel beaches. The special yield of stygobiont crustaceans, predominantly amphipods of the genus Bogidiella, promised to serve as an interesting case study to the colonization of inland groundwater by marine organisms.
Now, in July 1996, a second sampling program occurred along the southern Turkish coast between Antalya and Alanya.
Document typearticle
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