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AuthorsE.C. Dickinson, S. Eck, J. Martens
TitleSystematic notes on Asian birds. 44. A preliminary review of the Corvidae
JournalZoologische Verhandelingen
Keywordsmagpies; treepies; jays; nutcrackers; crows; Corvidae; type locality; vocalizations
AbstractCertain Asian species of corvids, mainly those that have been reviewed since 1962, are discussed and attention is drawn to recommended changes in subspecific or specific status. Problem areas remain and research is suggested, some morphological, some molecular and some into voice. The rationale behind the ongoing revision of Corvus macrorhynchos is explained, but it is recommended that it be considered hypothetical and further developments awaited so that all relevant taxa can be assigned safely to species.
Document typearticle
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