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Abdollahzadeh, J.

AuthorsJ. Abdollahzadeh, A. Javadi, R. Zare, A.J.L. Phillips
TitleA phylogenetic study of Dothiorella and Spencermartinsia species associated with woody plants in Iran, New Zealand, Portugal and Spain
JournalPersoonia - Molecular Phylogeny and Evolution of Fungi
KeywordsBotryosphaeriaceae; Dothiorella; ITS; phylogeny; Spencermartinsia; systematics; taxonomy
AbstractDothiorella and Spencermartinsia are two botryosphaeriaceous genera with dark 2-celled conidia and found in parasitic, saprophytic or endophytic association with various woody host plants. Based on ITS and EF1-α sequence data and morphology, eight new species are described from Iran, New Zealand, Portugal and Spain.
Of these, five species are placed in Dothiorella, namely D. iranica, D. parva, D. prunicola, D. sempervirentis and D. striata, and three species belong to Spencermartinsia named as S. citricola, S. mangiferae and S. plurivora. An identification key to the species of each genus is provided.
Document typearticle
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