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Bemmel, A.C.V. van

AuthorsA.C.V. van Bemmel, K.H. Voous
TitleSupplement to the Faunal List of the Birds of the Moluccan Islands
AbstractA faunal list of the birds of the Moluccan Islands has been previously published by the first author (Treubia 19, part 2, May 1948, pp. 323— 402). Additional data have been collected since by Mr. G. A. L. de Haan during a period of several years in which this zealous collector lived in Halmahera and visited the islands Morotai, Ternate and Gebe. It seemed us worth while to publish the species and new localities from the data collected by Mr de Haan, which are not contained in the previous list. We take this opportunity to add some data from literature, published after May 1948 or overlooked by the first author, some data from the collections of the American Museum of Natural History, New York, and the Rijksmuseum van Natuurlijke Historie. Leiden, and to add some corrections to the first list.
We want to express our sincere thanks to Mr de Haan for all troubles taken to provide us with material and information, to Dr E. Mayr (New York) for his corrections and valuable information, to Dr M. A. Lieftinck (Bogor) and Prof. Dr H. Boschma (Leiden) and Dr G. C. A. Junge (Leiden) for material put at our disposal.
Document typearticle
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