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Hoedemaeker, P.J.

AuthorsJ. Klein, P.J. Hoedemaeker
TitleAmmonite stratigraphy of the Valanginian to Barremian for the Mediterranean region
JournalScripta Geologica. Special Issue
Keywordsammonite zones; Mediterranean area
AbstractSince the 2nd Workshop of the Lower Cretaceous Cephalopod Team in Mula, Spain (Hoedemaeker et al., 1993), several ammonite zones and ammonite horizons have been introduced that still have not be inserted in the standard zonation of the Mediterranean area. In the present survey (1) the different results of various independent specialists are compared, (2) an attempt is made to correlate their resulting zonation schemes, and (3) recommendations are given for the use of the newly introduced zones and horizons in the Mediterranean region.
Classification38.22 ; 42.73
Document typearticle
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