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Jong, R. de

AuthorR. de Jong
TitleRevision of the Pyrgus Alpinus group (Lepidoptera, Hesperiidae), with notes on Phylogeny and character displacement
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
AbstractThree species can be recognized in the Pyrgus alpinus group, viz., alpinus, darwazicus and cashmirensis. They show an interesting geographic variation, so that a subspecies of one species can be very similar to a subspecies of another species, though other subspecies are quite different. The subspecies recognized are described and illustrated. Two subspecies are described as new, viz., Pyrgus darwazicus distinctus and Pyrgus cashmirensis pumilus. Distribution maps and drawings of the male and female genitalia of each species are provided.
Although for various characters plesiomorphous and apomorphous states can be distinguished, it is not possible to make a satisfactory choice between the three possible phylogenetic trees of the group.
An analysis of the geographic variation, in which the variations in size and in wing markings are studied separately, suggests that at least part of the variation is due to character displacement. The evidence for the occurrence of this phenomenon in the species group is examined, and it is shown that in at least two instances character displacement offers a satisfactory explanation of the variation found.
Document typearticle
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