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Ketelaar, R.

AuthorR. Ketelaar
TitleDe status van de speerwaterjuffer Coenagrion hastulatum in Nederland, een karakteristieke libel van niet aangetaste vennen (Odonata)
JournalNederlandse Faunistische Mededelingen
KeywordsNederland; Verspreiding; Fenologie; Biotopen; Biologie; Bescherming
AbstractThe status of the northern damselfly Coenagrion hastulatum in the Netherlands, a characteristic dragonfly of non-disturbed shallow lakes (Odonata)
The northern damselfly Coenagrion hastulatum is a rare and endangered dragonfly in The Netherlands. In the period 1998-2001 extensive research had been conducted on the distribution of this species in the Netherlands. Old and new data are collated for the first time, and an overview of all current populations is presented. Coenagrion hastulatum now has 16 populations left, in the southern and eastern parts of The Netherlands. The species disappeared from seven sites in the period 1980-2000. Incidental records of wandering individuals give circumstantial evidence that C. hastulatum can migrate over at least 2 kilometres distance.
Document typearticle
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