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Man, J.G. de

AuthorJ.G. de Man
TitleAxius (Eiconaxius) sibogae n. sp.
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
AbstractStat. 95. June 26. Lat. 5° 43'. 5 N., Long. 119° 40'E. Sulu-sea. 522 M. Stony bottom. One male and another specimen of unknown sex.
The nearest allied species is Axius consobrinus (de Man) from Stat. 280. (J. Gr. de Man, in: Notes from the Leyden Museum, Vol. XXIX, 1907, p. 129). Rostrum little longer than broad at its base, reaching almost to the middle of 2nd antennular article; lateral borders diverging somewhat backward, finely serrulate on their distal half, continued on the carapace as sharp ridges that first diverge and then run parallel with the median line. A sharp median carina passes back from the middle of the concave surface of the rostrum and bifurcates on the gastric region, armed just in front of the bifurcation in the male with one, in the other specimen with two minute teeth. Telson one-third longer than broad, posterior margin rounded with a small acute median tooth; lateral borders slightly converging backward, armed in the larger specimen at either side with 4 teeth, in the male with 4 on the left and 5 on the right side; dorsal spines rudimentary. Outer uropod elliptical, one and a half as long as broad, with only an anterior and a posterior, but no apical margin; anterior margin a little arched with 14 rather small teeth, posterior margin strongly curved, with a movable tooth at the apical angle, for the rest unarmed. Inner uropod a little more than twice as long as broad, anterior border with 13 acute teeth, of which the 6 apical ones occur on a lobule, that projects beyond and makes an obtuse angle with the posterior border.
Eyes subsessile, reaching to middle of rostrum, cornea distinctly faceted, occupying nearly the whole stalk, of a beautiful ochraceous colour. Second
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