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Waveren, I.M. van

AuthorsI.M. van Waveren, E.A.P. Iskandar, M. Booi, J.H.A. van Konijnenburg-van Cittert
TitleComposition and palaeogeographic position of the Early Permian Jambi flora from Sumatra
JournalScripta Geologica
Keywordsplants; Permian; Indonesia; palaeogeography
AbstractA preliminary taxonomic revision of the Early Permian Jambi flora results in a lower number of taxa, a number of new determinations and several new combinations (Dicranophyllum molle (Jongmans & Gothan) comb. nov., Oligocarpia posthumii (Jongmans & Gothan) nov. comb., Callipteridium strictinervis (Jongmans & Gothan) comb. nov.). Cones containing the bicuspidate seeds Tobleria bicuspis are recorded for the first time. The exact stratigraphic position of the Jambi flora is unknown, but brachiopods and fusulinids indicate an Early Permian age. Comparisons with the East Asian Permian floras of the Cathaysian realm indicate that the Jambi palaeoflora can best be compared to a relatively xeric Cathaysian flora, possibly indicative of relatively high latitude.
Document typearticle
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