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AuthorsM.A. Alvarez Sierra, R. Daams, J.I. Lacomba, N. López-Martínez, A.J. van der Meulen, C. Sesé, J. de Visser
TitlePalaeontology and biostratigraphy (micromammals) of the continental Oligocene-Miocene deposits of the north-central Ebro Basin (Huesca, Spain)
JournalScripta Geologica
AbstractIn this paper the micromammals from three localities in the Oligocene/Miocene boundary interval and the Lower Miocene of the Ebro Basin in the Province of Huesca (northern Spain) are described. Twenty-five species are recognized, two of which are new (Quercomys daamsi de Visser and Peridyromys turbatus Alvarez Sierra et al.; Gliridae). One new subspecies belonging to the Ochotonidae (Prolagus vasconiensis fortis López Martínez & Sesé) is described. The biostratigraphy, palaeoecological implications and palaeobiogeography are discussed.
Document typearticle
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