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AuthorF.P. Koumans
TitleOn some fossil fish remains from Java
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
AbstractDuring his paleontological searches in Java, the late Prof. Eug. Dubois collected a number of fossil fish remains. His searches were instituted mainly in pleistocene deposits, and as far as I am aware these fish remains were the first of their kind to be collected in Java in strata of that age. This, and the fact that Dubois (1907, 1908) referred to these fish in two preliminary papers, gives this collection additional interest.
In the first of his preliminary papers, Dubois (1907, p. 455) mentions the following fish: Anabas microcephalus, Clarias magur, Ophiocephalus, Carcharias gangeticus.
In the second paper, Dubois (1908, p. 1239) mentions that at least seven species of freshwater fish are represented in his collection, viz., Anabas microcephalus, Clarias magur, and four other Silurids, several species of Ophiocephalids.
A second collection was made in the Trinil beds by the Selenka Expedition, and the fish remains were described by Hennig (1911). This author identified the remains only to family or genus, and he did not succeed in identifying the species. Therefore, it is considered to be worth while to reexamine the remains collected by Dubois, and to check his identifications. In several cases it proved that the identifications by Dubois were correct.
However, the names used by him prove to be synonyms of names now in use.
Comparisons were made with recent skeletons, as this not only is the
Classification38.22 ; 42.81
Document typearticle
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