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AuthorL.W. van den Hoek Ostende
TitleInsectivore faunas from the Lower Miocene of Anatolia - Part 5: Talpidae
JournalScripta Geologica
KeywordsAnatolia; Talpidae; Uropsilinae; classification; new taxa; Early Miocene
AbstractTwo new genera of Talpidae, Theratiskos gen. nov. and Suleimania gen. nov., and five new species, T. mechteldae sp. nov., T. rutgeri sp. nov., S. ruemkae sp. nov., Geotrypus haramiensis sp. nov. and G. kesekoeyensis sp. nov., are described from the Lower Miocene of Anatolia. The literature on the very diverse genus Geotrypus is reviewed. The aberrant genus Suleimania is placed in a separate subfamily, Suleimaninae subfam. nov. Theratiskos is considered an uropsiline talpid. The taxonomy and classification of the Uropsilinae is discussed. On the basis of the morphology of the humerus the genera Asthenoscaptor and Mygatalpa are included in the Uropsilinae, showing that the diversity of this subfamily during the Early Miocene was much larger than previously assumed.
Classification42.84 ; 38.22
Document typearticle
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