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AuthorsM. van den Boogaard, F.V. Guzmán
TitleConodont faunas from Portugal and southwestern Spain Part 5. Lower Carboniferous conodonts at Santa Olalla del Cala (Spain)
JournalScripta Geologica
AbstractThe conodont faunule of a limestone deposit at Santa Olalla del Cala (province of Huelva, Spain) is described. The age of the limestones, hitherto unknown, appears to be either Late Tournaisian or Early Viséan. Se describe la fauna de conodontos de unas calizas existentes en la Hoja de Santa Olalla del Cala (Huelva, España). La edad de las calizas se considera Turnaisiense Superior o Viseense Inferior.
Document typearticle
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