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AuthorsM.Z. Sharikadze, M.V. Kakabadze, P.J. Hoedemaeker
TitleAptian and Early Albian Douvilleiceratidae, Acanthohoplitidae and Parahoplitidae of Colombia
JournalScripta Geologica
Keywordsammonites; systematics; Aptian; Albian; Colombia
AbstractSeventy nine species and subspecies of the following ammonite genera and subgenera of the families Douvilleiceratidae Parona & Bonarelli, Acanthohoplitidae Stoyanow, and Parahoplitidae Spath are described from the study area. Fourteen species are new; Cheloniceras rectangulatum, Ch. guanense, Epicheloniceras wiedmanni, E. douvillei, E. bradleyiformis, Vectisites (Zambranoites) nodosus, V. (Z.) etayosernai, V. (Z.) obscurus, V. (Z.) grandis, Gargasiceras subpulcher, Colombiceras formosum, Protacanthoplites originalis, Riedelites latecostatus, R. microtuberculatus.
Classification38.22 ; 42.73
Document typearticle
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