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AuthorW. Vervoort
TitleNotes on a small collection of Hydroids from Jersey (Channel Islands)
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
AbstractIn the first months of 1941, whilst engaged with the study of Hydroids occurring along the coasts of the Netherlands, I received a small collection of Hydroids from Jersey for identification. These Hydroids, which were kindly sent to me by Mrs. W. S. S. van der Feen née van Benthem Jutting, curator at the Zoölogisch Museum at Amsterdam, had been collected by the late Mr. R. Oppenheim, a very studious amateur-naturalist, during a prolonged stay at Jersey from 1914-1918. Before his death Mr. Oppenheim placed a large number of fine drawings of Hydroids at my disposal, which were made during his stay at Jersey, where he had ample time and opportunities to study an extensive number of living Hydroids. Both drawings and Hydroids are now in the collections of the Zoölogisch Museum at Amsterdam; I wish to thank Mrs. W. S. S. van der Feen née van Benthem Jutting for the loan of this small collection.
Although the number of Hydroids in the collection from Jersey is small and the condition of the material generally bad, the drawings are very accurate and most species can be immediately recognized from the figures.
Moreover, the drawings are accompanied by short notes on occurrence, presence of gonothecae, etc., which make them even more valuable. It seems desirable, therefore to publish a short report on this interesting collection.
The Hydroids of the Channel Islands are very badly known. Philbert 0935) published the results of short visits to the islands Lihou, Jethou, Sark, Herm and Guernsey, during which trips Hydroids were collected; a second paper on Channel Islands Hydroids (Philbert, 1935a) was not available to me. The Hydroid fauna of the north-west coast of France is known slightly better; Billard (1912) published a list of species collected
Document typearticle
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