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AuthorA. Logan
TitleBrachiopoda collected by CANCAP IV and VI expeditions to the South-East North Atlantic. 1980-1982
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
KeywordsBrachiopoda south-east North Atlantic
AbstractRecent brachiopods collected by CANCAP IV and VI expeditions to the south-east North Atlantic, in the vicinity of the Canary and Cape Verde Islands, belonging to Neocrania, Hispanirhynchia, Stenosarina, Terebratulina, Eucalathis, Argyrotheca, Megathiris, Phaneropora, Megerlia, Kraussina, Dallina, Thecidellina and Pajaudina have been identified.
As with the brachiopods previously identified from the CANCAP I-III expeditions, the CANCAP IV and VI material is Mauritanian in affinity and shows a close relationship with Lusitanian brachiopods from the Gulf of Gascogne. There is a lesser affinity with Mediterranean brachiopods, with isolated Senegalian and Caribbean elements present in the Cape Verde Islands.
Document typearticle
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