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AuthorC.O. van Regteren Altena
TitleNotes on land slugs : 11. Arionidae, Milacidae and Limacidae from South Africa (Mollusca, Gastropoda Pulmonata)
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
AbstractNew records of Arion intermedius Norm. are given.
All known data on the genus Oopelta Mörch have been compiled and supplemented by new observations, mainly on O. nigropunctata Mörch and O. capensis Poll. Of the former species the type specimens were examined and the external variation and anatomy were studied. A fine series of O. capensis, with notes on the living animals by Mr. van Bruggen, enabled the author to study that species in detail. The affinities of Oopelta are discussed and it is concluded that the genus should be maintained in a subfamily of its own, Oopeltinae Cockerell, 1891, in the Arionidae. It seems unlikely that the type locality of O. nigropunctata on the Gold Coast near Accra (Ghana) is autochthonous. The distributional area of Oopelta in South Africa strongly resembles that of some other so-called palaeogenic elements in the South African fauna.
The samples of Milax examined appeared to belong to M. gagates (Drap.) in its restricted sense. Therefore it seems likely that earlier records of this species from South Africa were correct. M. capensis (Krauss) probably is a synonym, and the same may even hold true for M. ponsonbyi (Collinge).
New records are given of Limax flavus L., L. nyctelius Bourg., L. valentianus Fér., Deroceras reticulatum (Müll.), D. caruanae (Poll.), and D. laeve (Müll.).
The interpretation of Limax nyctelius by Hugh Watson and others has been followed here, but attention is called to the fact that Simroth's different views on this Algerian species have never been definitely refuted. Agriolimax kervillei Germain is considered a synonym of L. nyctelius as interpreted by Watson et al.
Deroceras caruanae has only recently been recorded for the first time from South Africa by Van Bruggen, but possibly Connolly's "Agriolimax laevis (Müll.) var. grisea Taylor" is this species. "Agriolimax (Hydrolimax) laevis Müller, variété grise" of Abeloos and Deroceras meridionale Reygrobellet (a name preoccupied by Agriolimax meridionalis Doering) are considered synonyms of D. caruanae.
Document typearticle
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