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AuthorA.J. de Winter
TitleLittle known and new South-west European slugs (Pulmonata: Agriolimacidae, Arionidae)
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
Keywordsslugs; Arion; Deroceras; Kobeltia; Mesarion; systematics; Spain; France; spermatophore
AbstractFour new taxa of slugs of the genera Arion and Deroceras are described, viz., Deroceras vascoana spec. nov., Arion (Kobeltia) fagophilus spec. nov. and Arion (Mesarion) urbiae spec. nov. from NW Spain, as well as Deroceras altimirai levisarcobelum subspec. nov. from the French Pyrenees.
D. altimirai Altena is considered a polytypic species, with three subspecies, D. a. altimirai Altena, D. a. tarracense Altena and D. a. levisarcobelum subspec. nov. The nominate subspecies is reported from France for the first time.
Arion (Kobeltia) anthracius Bourguignat is considered a valid species. Its genital anatomy is described for the first time from specimens collected some 60 km from the type locality. The study of topotypes is still necessary, as the type specimens turned out to be not suitable for dissection.
A second record of D. chevallieri Altena is given from SE France, as well as two additional records of D. ercinae de Winter from the Spanish province of Santander.
In A. urbiae up to three spermatophores were encountered in the bursa of a single individual, a feature so far unknown in arionids.
Document typearticle
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