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AuthorC.O. van Regteren Altena
TitleReport upon a Collection of recent Shells from Java
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
AbstractI. Introduction.
In the Geological Institution of the University of Amsterdam there is a collection of recent shells as material for comparison with fossil Mollusca.
From this collection the writer identified a lot of shells collected by Professor Dr. H. Gerth during his stay in Java from 1928 to 1929. These materials will be discussed here.
The writer is indebted to Prof. Dr. H. A. Brouwer (Amsterdam) for his permission to publish the results of these investigations on materials belonging to the Geological Institution, to Prof. Dr. H. Gerth for placing at his disposal the present collection and his field notes, and further to Dr. Ch. Bayer (Leiden), Mrs. W. S. S. van der Feen-van Benthem Jutting (Amsterdam), Mr. L. de Priester (Apeldoorn), Dr. F. A. Schilder (Naumburg-on-Saale), and Mr. J. R. le B. Tomlin (St Leonards-on-Sea) for their assistance in identifying the recorded species. 2. List of the localities.
The numbers in brackets refer to the sketch map (fig. 1). The remarks on local conditions have been borrowed from field notes by Prof. Gerth and from the labels of the samples. The localities have been classified from an ecological point of view by Prof. Gerth.
A. Beaches with coral reefs.
North coast: a) Thousand Islands (Duizend Eilanden) (7).
This is the only sample not collected by Prof. Gerth himself; it was collected by Prof. J. H. F. Umbgrove. The labels contain no particulars about the exact locality or localities from which the shells derive. According
Document typearticle
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