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AuthorH. Boschma
TitleRhizocephala from New Guinea : II. Peltogastridae
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
AbstractAmong the hermit crabs collected by Dr. L. D. Brongersma, Dr. L. B.
Holthuis, and Dr. M. Boeseman on the reef of Biak Island near New Guinea 1) there are five specimens bearing the Peltogastrid parasites dealt with in the present paper. They belong to previously described species but present some peculiarities supplementing certain data mentioned in other papers.
Dipterosaccus indicus Van Kampen & Boschma Dipterosaccus indicus Van Kampen & Boschma, 1925, p. 3; Boschma, 1931b, p. 6; Van Baal, 1937, p. 25; Shiino, 1943, p. p.
Material examined: No. 1331, length 8, breadth 3, height 4 mm (fig. 1g-i).
No. 1326A, length 7 (in reality somewhat longer, the body showing a pronounced curvature), breadth 3, height 3 1/2 mm (fig. 1d-f).
No. 1326B, length 7, breadth 3, height 3 mm (fig. 1a-c).
No. 1327B, length 3, breadth slightly over 1, height 1 mm (fig. 1j, k).
All specimens on Calcinus latens (Randall), from the reef W. of Sorido, Biak Island, January and February, 1955.
Moreover, the following specimens, dealt with in previous publications, were available.
Ati Ati Onin, New Guinea, reef (Siboga Expedition, Sta. 169), 1 specimen on Calcinus gaimardi (H. Milne Edwards), length 11 mm, breadth 3 1/2 mm (Van Kampen & Boschma, 1925; Boschma, 1931b).
Pasih Ipah, Sula Islands, shore, Snellius Expedition, 3 specimens on Calcinus latens (Randall), one sectioned, length 6 mm (Van Baal, 1937).
Wotap, Tenimber Islands, shore, Snellius Expedition, 1 specimen on Calcinus latens
Document typearticle
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