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AuthorsW.B. Nutting, F.S. Lukoschus, C. E. Desch
TitleParasitic mites of Surinam : XXVII. Demodex marsupiali sp. nov. from Didelphis marsupialis: adaptation to glandular habitat 1)
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
AbstractDemodex marsupiali sp. nov. is described from the pilocerumen-gland complex within the external auditory meatus of Didelphis marsupialis Linné, 1758. Pathogenesis is limited to epithelial cell destruction, minor orifice occlusion, and some keratinization.
Mites occasionally penetrate into the dermis, without host cellular response.
Ova and immature mites are markedly modified (apomorphic) to match the unusual habitat, whereas adults, especially males, retain many plesiomorphic characters. Supracoxal spines, hitherto thought sensory, of immatures are modified as holdfast structures.
A brief discussion is provided, comparing and contrasting features of this species with other demodecids from marsupial and eutherian mammals.
Document typearticle
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