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AuthorP.M. Brignoli
TitleTwo new spiders from Sumatra (Araneae, Telemidae and Ochyroceratidae)
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
AbstractApneumonella jacobsoni n. sp. is described (♀, ♂ unknown; typ. loc.: Fort de Kock, Sumatra, Indonesia); this species, which can be distinguished from all other known Telemids by general morphology, genitalia, chelicerae, etc., is provisionally included in Apneumonella; the differential characters between the existing genera of the Telemidae are apparently small, mostly through lack of information, and only future study may allow to decide on their validity and on the position of this and other species.
Speocera krikkeni n. sp. is described (♂ ♀; typ. loc.: Indonesia, N. Sumatra, Mt.
Bandahara, Serbolangit Range); the only closely related species seems to be S. laureata Komatsu, 1974, from Okinawa, from which it can be distinguished by the ♂ ♀ genitalia.
Document typearticle
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