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AuthorsJ.E. Leene, A.M. Buitendijk
TitleOn some Portunid crabs from the Indo-westpacific region
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
AbstractIn 1939 during a visit to the British Museum, London, the first author (Leene) examined a number of indo-westpacific Portunidae belonging to the collection of this Museum. Part of the material was then reserved to be studied more extensively in Holland. Through the outbreak of World War II it was not before 1947 that this material came to Holland; it then was taken from London to Leiden by the second author (Buitendijk). The material was studied jointly by the two authors, who intended to publish the results of this study as a single paper. Circumstances beyond the control of the authors, however, necessitated the separate publication of a report on only three of the species (Leene & Buitendijk, 1949). The present paper deals with the rest of the material and with a new species of the genus Charybdis from the collection of the Rijksmuseum van Natuurlijke Historie at Leiden.
Also some material of the genus Lupocyclus from the Amsterdam and Leiden Museums, which has been used for comparison with the specimens from the British Museum, is discussed here 1).
The first author wants to tank Dr. L. B. Holthuis, Leiden, for writing Miss Buitendijk's biography and for his kind and adequate assistance in preparing this paper for the press.
Lupocyclus philippinensis Nauck Lupocyclus philippinensis Leene, 1940, Temminckia vol. 5, p. 174, text fig. 5, pl. 3.
British Museum (Nat. Hist.) Karachi, May 29, 1906. — 1 female.
Remarks. The specimen from Karachi undoubtedly belongs to Lupocyclus philippinensis, though it presents some differences from the specimen described by Leene in 1940. The cephalothorax has the groups of granules
Document typearticle
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