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AuthorL.B. Holthuis
TitleOn some Indo-westpacific Palaemoninae (Crustacea Decapoda Caridae)
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
AbstractSince the publication of my paper on the prawns of the subfamily Palaemoninae collected by the Siboga and Snellius Expeditions (Holthuis, 1950, Siboga Exped., mon. 39a9), I had the opportunity to examine more material of this group, which enabled me to make additions and corrections to the above paper. These additions and corrections are the subject of the present paper.
During a visit to the Istituto e Museo di Zoologia della Università at Turin, Italy, I examined the type material of Leander deschampsi Nobili, a species which in 1950 was placed by me among the species incertae. The examination of these types made it possible for me to fix the status of Nobili's species. The collection of the Turin Museum furthermore contained material of Macrobrachium hirtimanus (Olivier) from Réunion, which showed me that I was wrong in identifying Macrobrachium lepidactyloides (De Man) as Olivier's species. I wish to express here my sincere gratitude to Mrs. Teresita Paulucci Maccagno and to Professor Alceste Arcangeli for their help and kindness shown during my visit to their institute and for the loan of some material.
I am also most grateful to Mr. Herbert M. Hale of the South Australian Museum, Adelaide, and to Mr. Frank A. McNeill of the Australian Museum, Sydney, who were kind enough to provide me with material of three Australian Palaemonids, two of which (Leander intermedius Stimpson and Leander litoreus McCulloch) in my 1950 paper were ranged under the species incertae. The position of these two species could now be determined. The third species, Leander serenus Heller, proved to have been incorrectly identified by me as Palaemon affinis H. Milne Edwards.
Document typearticle
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