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AuthorD.J. Kuenen
TitleOn Parartemia zietziana Sayce (Crustacea Phyllopoda)
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
AbstractOn his journey to Australia, Prof. Dr. L. G. M. Baas Becking collected several specimens of Parartemia zietziana, which he kindly handed over to me for further examination. As it is a very little known species, the few details given below may add to our somewhat scanty knowledge.
Sayce described this species in 1903, creating a new genus to receive it, and his material consisted of about 20 ♂ ♂ and only 1 ♀ (Sayce, 1903, p. 231 sqq.) The locality is given as "brackish-water swamp near Lake Alexandrina, South Australia".
The only further reference I have been able to find was when Calman (1913) identified a few Phyllopoda "not unlike Artemia" as this species.
They were collected from salt-works near Geelong, Victoria, and were said to die at a concentration of 7°—8° B. (s.g. ± 1.055).
The material of Baas Becking consists of the following: "Port Price 1" (26 III '36), 69 ♂♂, 39 ♀♀, 77 juv. "Port Price 2" (26 III '36), 35 ♂♂, 35 ♀♀, great many juv.
Lake Voigt (26 III '36), 37 ♂♂, 4 ♀♀, 2 juv. "Port Price" is a salt-work, which derives its water from the sea. It is situated on the East coast of Yorke Peninsula, near the top of Bay St.
P.P. 1: Gipsum pond, concentration about 23 % total salt. Temp. 27° C.
P.P. 2: Pickle pond, concentration 16 % total salt.
Lake Voigt lies near the South end of the East coast of Yorke, about 6 km inland. The specimens were taken from a ditch (where there was great abundance of Dunaliella viridis and D. salina). Concentration about 5 % total salt, temp. 16° C.
Document typearticle
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