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AuthorsL.B. Holthuis, E. Gottlieb
TitleTwo interesting crabs (Crustacea Decapoda, Brachyura) from Mersin Bay, S. E. Turkey
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
AbstractIn the collection of the Haifa Sea Fisheries Research Station, among material trawled in Mersin Bay, S. E. Turkey, two Brachyuran crabs were found which prove to be of great interest. One, Actaea rufopunctata (H. Milne Edwards), has a rather wide distribution in both the Atlantic and the Indo-West Pacific regions, but only very few records from the Mediterranean are known as yet. The other, Ixa monodi, a species of IndoWest Pacific origin, is new to science, while the genus to which it belongs is now reported for the first time from the Mediterranean.
Actaea rufopunctata rufopunctata (H. Milne Edwards, 1834) (pl. IV fig. 1) An ovigerous female (cb. 20 mm) 1) was trawled in Mersin Bay in August 1954. The specimen fully agrees with the published accounts of this species.
Odhner (1925, p. 60) in his revision of the genus Actaea distinguished two forms of Actaea rufopunctata, viz., the typical form and a variety retusa Nobili, 1905. Actaea nodosa Stimpson, 1860, was considered by Odhner as a full synonym of A. rufopunctata, but was later made by Rathbun (1930, p. 257) a subspecies of the latter species. Thus at present three forms of Actaea rufopunctata are recognized: A. r. rufopunctata (H.
Milne Edwards, 1834), A. rufopunctata nodosa Stimpson, 1860, and A. rufopunctata retusa Nobili, 1905.
Our Turkish specimen proves to belong to A. r. rufopunctata. The narrow tip of the carapace region 3M 1) reaches beyond 2M as in the typical form, while in A. r. nodosa the tip of 3M reaches about to the middle of 2M. The frontal and lateral lobes of the carapace of our specimen are
Document typearticle
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