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AuthorL. van der Hammen
TitleNotes on the Spiderfamily Hahniidae
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
AbstractMaterial collected by Mr. J. van der Drift and by myself in the National Park "De Hooge Veluwe", situated near Hoenderloo in the province Gelderland, led to some notes on the nomenclature and to supplementary descriptions of some Hahnia species.
The main works dealing with European Hahniidae are Dahl (1937) and Simon (1937).
The descriptions and figures in Dahl (1937) are very good and it is rather easy to recognise the species by the sexual organs. Unfortunately the nomenclature is partly wrong. Now the nomenclature in Simon (1937) for the greater part is correct, but the descriptions are sometimes incomplete.
In the following I tried to clear up some points.
Hahnia ononidum Simon, 1875 Hahnia mengei, M. Dahl, 1937, p. 105, figs. 6, 10, 19-21.
Hahnia ononidum, Simon, 1937, pp. 1029, 1045, figs. 1603-1605.
Hooge Veluwe, 13.XII.1946. — 2 ♂ ♂ subadult.
This species did not yet occur on our faunal list. During my revision of the collection Van Hasselt I found one adult male between males of Hahnia nava (Blackwall). Our subadult males correspond close with the adult one. They show already the round spots near the petiolus.
The description in Simon (1937) makes the above-mentioned synonymy evident.
Hahnia cacuminata Bösenberg, 1902 Hahnia cacuminata, M. Dahl, 1937, p. 108, figs. 13, 24.
Hooge Veluwe (beechwood without herbaceous layer), 15. VIII. 1944. — 2 ♀ ♀.
Simon (1937, p. 1046) adds with a question-mark Hahnia cacuminata
Document typearticle
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