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AuthorJ.E. Leene
TitleNotes on Charybdis demani nov. spec., Charybdis variegata var. brevispinosa nov. var. and other Charybdis-species
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
AbstractExamining the material of the genus Charybdis de Haan in the RijksMuseum van Natuurlijke Historie and in the De Man-collection in the Zoological Museum at Amsterdam for comparison with material of the Siboga expedition and other expeditions for Prof. Dr Max Weber and the Zoological Museum at Amsterdam, I made the following notes.
I am very much indebted to Prof. Dr H. Boschma for his kindness in placing his material at my disposal and for his hospitality at the Leiden Museum.
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When I examined the Charybdis annulata material in the Leiden Museum I found that the six specimens (3 ♂ ♂ and 1♀ in the Hoedt-collection and 2 ♀ ♀ in the Schorel-collection) from the shores of the island of Amboina (De Man, 1883) belonged to Charybdis merguiensis (De Man). They all had the characteristic spine at the posterior border of the carpus of the natatory leg.
Chopra (1935) compares the length of the carapace with its breadth, and
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