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AuthorD. van den Tooren
TitleNew Neotropical pseudoscorpions (Pseudoscorpiones) from Aruba, Trinidad and Saba (Lesser Antilles), with some new localities of pseudoscorpions from Aruba and Bonaire
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
KeywordsPseudoscorpions; Olpiidae; Pachyolpium arubense arubense; Pachyolpium arubense variabile; Aphelolpium scitulum; Chernetidae; Pachychernes corticalis spec. nov.; Corticochernes sabae gen. et spec. nov.; Atemnidae; Trinidatemnus separatus gen. et spec. nov.; Aruba; Bonaire; Trinidad; Saba
AbstractThree new species are described: Pachychernes corticalis spec. nov. from Aruba, Corticochernes sabae gen. et spec. nov. from Saba and Trinidatemnus separatus gen. et spec. nov. from Trinidad. Some new localities are reported of Pachyolpium arubense arubense Beier, 1936, Pachyolpium arubense variabile van den Tooren, 2002 and Aphelolpium scitulum Hoff , 1964.
Document typearticle
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