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AuthorJ.C. Markham
TitleAdditions to the Bopyrid Isopod Fauna Of Thailand
JournalZoologische Verhandelingen
KeywordsCrustacea; Isopoda; Bopyridae; ectoparasites; decapod crustacean hosts; Thailand.
AbstractPreviously, scattered accounts recorded 13 species of bopyrid isopods infesting decapod crustaceans in Thailand. Recent collections, mainly at Phuket, on the west coast, have turned up 18 more species in Thai waters. Asymmetrione asymmetrica (Shiino) infests Clibanarius spec.
Bopyrissa liberorum spec. nov. infests C. merguiensis de Man. Parapagurion calcinicola Shiino infests Paguristes spec. Aporobopyrina lamellata Shiino infests Petrolisthes lamarckii (Leach).
Metabopyrus irregularis spec. nov., infests Upogebia spec. Probopyrus buitendijki (Horst) infests Macrobrachium rosenbergii (de Man). P. annandalei Chopra, recorded for the second time from Thailand, infests Macrobrachium spec. Bopyrella tanytelson spec. nov., infests Alpheus spec.
Parabopyrella essingtoni (Bourdon & Bruce) infests Alpheus spec. Bopyrinella albida Shiino infests Athanas spec. Procepon insolitum Shiino infests an unidentified thalassinidean. Procepon horridulum spec. nov., infests Upogebia spec. Upogebione phuketensis gen. nov. spec. nov., infests Wolffogebia phuketensis Sakai. Allokepon sinensis (Danforth) infests Portunus pelagicus (L.). Kepon orientalis spec. nov., infests Metaplax elegans de Man and M. distinctus H. Milne Edwards. Trapezicepon thalamitae spec.nov. infests Thalamita crenata (Latreille). Parapenaeon japonica (Thielemann) infests an unidentified penaeid. Pseudostegias setoensis Shiino infests Clibanarius padavensis de Man. P. dulcilacuum Markham infests C. merguiensis de Man. Diplophryxus jordani Richardson infests Palaemon semmelinki (de Man). For all collected species, the report includes synonymies and illustrations as well as descriptions or redescriptions as needed. A table lists all 31 species now known from Thailand, their hosts and localities.
Document typearticle
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