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AuthorL.B. Holthuis
TitleThe authorship of the names of species of Crustacea Decapoda published in 1835 By S. Hailstone and J. O. Westwood
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
AbstractThe amateur naturalist S. Hailstone, who lived in Hastings, England, was much interested in the Crustacea of his area and made collections of these.
At several occasions in 1834 and 1835 he sent observations on interesting specimens, often together with the material, to J. C. Loudon, the editor of "The Magazine of Natural History, and Journal of Zoology, Botany, Mineralogy, Geology, and Meteorology", one of the forerunners of the well known "Annals and Magazine of Natural History". Hailstone often accompanied his notes with requests for identification of the species, which he had either not at all or only tentatively identified. Loudon passed Hailstone's notes and the material (if the latter was available) on to J. O. Westwood, the well known entomologist, who at that time lived in Hammersmith. Westwood gave his remarks on the material and in some instances provided new names when he thought the species to be new and at several occasions he made illustrations of the species.
Loudon published Hailstone and Westwood's observations in his Magazine interspersed with his own remarks. He very carefully identified the author of each piece of text by giving the name and/or address of Hailstone and Westwood at the end of their text, and by placing his own words in square brackets. It is clear that he furthermore also inserted Westwood's new names and Westwood's figures in Hailstone's text. The first observations were published in the May issue of 1835 of the Magazine of Natural History (vol. 8 no. 49) as Article V of that issue, under the title "Descriptions of some Species of Crustaceous Animals; by S. Hailstone, Jun. Esq.: with Illustrations and Remarks, by J. O. Westwood, Esq. F. L. S. &c". The article starts on p. 261, but it is extremely difficult to find out where it ends.
Document typearticle
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