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AuthorsE.J. van Nieukerken, O. Karsholt
TitleThe validity of the family name Roeslerstammiidae Bruand (Lepidoptera)
JournalNota Lepidopterologica
Volume29 (1/2)
KeywordsFamily name; Nomenclature; Priority; Microlepidoptera
AbstractRoeslerstammiidae Bruand, [1851], originally proposed as Röslertammidae, an incorrect original spelling, is a justified emendation and the valid family-group name based on the type genus Roeslerstammia Zeller, 1839. The recent rejection of Roeslerstammiidae by Heppner (2005) is refuted, and the priority over Amphitheridae Meyrick, 1913, is maintained.
Document typearticle
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