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AuthorR. van Eecke
TitleAntheraea brunnea, nov. spec.
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
AbstractNear to Antheraea imperator Watson (Notes Leyd. Mus., Vol. XXXV, p. 184, 1912/13) from Java, but the general colour is dark reddish brown with brownish orange. Antennae brown, pectinated; the first antennal joints quadripectinated, the last eight antennal joints very shortly bipectinated. Head small, with brownish red hairy front and very small palpi. Collar and prothorax yellowish white; thorax and abdomen dark reddish brown. Legs on the outerside with long hairs, which conceal the spurs on tibiae and tarsi.
Apex of fore-wing hardly falcate, more straight. Costa yellowish grayish white, except a patch before the large whitish costal spot near to the apex. The outer-corner of the apex redbrown. The outer-margin bends a little inwards to vein 5 with a rounded distal angle; the hindmargin nearly straight. On the discocellularis a nearly round ocellus with a black outline and a dark orange-brown inner part, in which a very narrow oblong small vitreaos spot. A distinct submarginal line, commencing at the whitish apical spot and continued obliquely to the hindmargin. This line is white at the innerside, then brownish and more yellowish at the outerside, straight, a little curved between the nervules 4, 5 and 6, not parallel with the outer-margin of the fore-wing. Between the ocellus and the submarginal line an orange-brown band is faintly indicated from costa to innermargin. Near to base of cell a trace of a whitish antemedial line with some black at the outerside. The rest of the fore-wing dark reddish brown.
Hind-wing triangular, with rounded angles; the outer-margin a little protruding on nervule 3. The ocellus on the discocellularis larger than
Document typearticle
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