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AuthorA. Diakonoff
TitleSynopsis and descriptions of new species of the South Asiatic Cochylinae (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae), with an appendix
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
KeywordsCochylinae; survey; taxonomy; distribution; foodplants; Stenodes; Scotiophyes; Archipini
AbstractA survey of South Asiatic Cochylinae (Lepidoptera, Tortricidae), comprising 50 species, belonging to ten genera, is given. Five new species are described: Stenodes hapala, ♂ (Ε Borneo, Hong Kong), Phalonidia datetis, ♂ ♀ (Thailand), P. pista, ♂ ♀ (Hong Kong), Eupoecilia coniopa, ♂ ♀ (Ν. Borneo) and E. thalia, ♀ (N. Borneo). Phalonidia sphaenophora (Diakonoff) is transferred to Aethes Billberg, Aethes taneces Diakonoff, to Eupoecilia Stephens, Phalonia glycitis Meyrick, to Aprepodoxa Meyrick. Of Eupoecilia armifera Razowski a ♂ metallotype is described (Nepal). Of E. engelinae (Diakonoff), wegneri Diakonoff and scythalephora (Diakonoff) elaborate figures of the genitalia are presented. Four old apocryphal cochyline species are referred to Tortricini, Pyralidae, Lithosiinae and Arctiidae. In an Appendix Scotiophyes nebrias spec. nov., ♂ ♀ (N. Borneo), is described (Tortricinae, Archipini).
Document typearticle
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